California is a wonderful, beautiful place. It’s filled with great people and great food. With the weather so sunny and bright, who would ever want to leave California?


This is not to say that I don’t enjoy California; but a girl’s got to travel, see new places, and experience new things. But my move to the East Coast was surely impulsive.

Moving to the East Coast had crossed my mind after family members from New Jersey were convincing me; but a few months prior to college graduation, I decided to just buy a ticket without letting anyone know.

I’m grateful to have had family members that allowed me to stay with them for a short while and support me while I found my way around and get my own apartment. However, for those that don’t have that, it should not stop them from moving and making it reality.

If you’re thinking about moving, definitely strive to make it happen.

Here are a few things that you should think about:

1. Where you will stay

Figuring out where you sleep at night is obviously an important factor before proceeding with your trip. Reach out to extended family or friends and see if they’d be willing to have you stay with them for a few days/weeks. But of course, try not to overstay your welcome. If you need to stay for a longer period of time, offer some way to compensate the shelter they are providing you. You can offer to cook food, partake in cleaning parts of the home, or even monetary compensation.

If you are moving to a place with no connections, it may be tougher, but look for hostels or look up sites like couchsurfing – a travel friendly site where people open their homes (or couches) to travelers for a period of time.

2. Finances

The idea of moving is very thrilling and exciting filled with tons of adventure. To have a good time, you need money. Unless you have an endless supply of money, this is something you’ll have to seriously consider. Pick up a few side jobs or a job that can help you pay off those bills. If you are looking for a long-term job, reach out to recruiters to see if there’s an opening suitable for your lifestyle and that pays reasonably.

Here are a few articles that can help kick-start your funds:

30 Ways to Make Extra Money

29 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side 

High Paying Side Jobs

3. Activities

I found it somewhat hard to find things to do, particularly because I have a very small comfort zone, but some websites have really helped me.explore and get out of my shell.

TimeOut: This is such a great site that can show you free events and what is going on during that day.

TripAdvisor: This site goes in-depth with hotels, flights, vacation rentals, and restaurants.

Facebook Groups: Searching for Facebook groups can also allow you to meet new people who have similar interests, while also letting you know of any events that may be taking place in the near future.

4. Have Fun!

This will be a scary time for you, but have fun with it! Take this time to figure yourself out and do the things that make you happy. It is also important to know that you are not alone, but even if you are – know that most people would love the opportunity to move to a new place and start a new life so take advantage of that. Always look on the positive side of things!



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