Tax season was just around the corner and now you’re either waiting for your refund or have already received it. For those still waiting, I’m here to show you have you can locate your tax refund if you are still waiting. If you have already received it, you’re probably celebrating like me!

Knowing how to do this really helped me gauged when I would be receiving my tax refund – hope this helps you!

Go to the correct IRS website

This may sound like common sense, but make sure you are on the correct site because some people have actually come across fake websites that collect your sensitive information and find ways to take your money. (Find my article on what to do when you receive an IRS phone call)

Head to refunds to get more information about how long to wait to check your tax refund.


Click on ‘Where’s my Refund?’

When you click on the link, it takes you straight to another site that might look very unusual, but it is the proper website. It should look like this:

Type in your information – ALL  information

Once you do, it’ll show where your tax refund is like a UPS/Fed-Ex package or even tell you if the refund is still processing.

This sounds super easy, but most people actually don’t know about this so hopefully I made this much easier for you to know what to do!

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