Finding a job can be one of the most stressful processes to go through. The constant act of applying to multiple jobs can discourage you and lower your self-esteem when you aren’t getting as many call backs or offers as you would have thought.

It is important to have as many people know that you’re on the market. Only sticking to one job search site or having one recruiter are not the best ways to utilize your resources to your advantage. You must expand your job search horizon.  If you’re looking for other ways to find openings in companies, I have a few you want to consider.

These are 4 top ways to look for a job.


Most people know that having a professional LinkedIn is important when you’re looking for a job. Many people aren’t aware that it can actually be a great resource to use when applying for jobs. Some applications is just a 1-Click application since your job history and information is already out on the platform. It can be a very useful tool during your job hunt. Forbes even wrote on some ways you can use it specifically for your job search.


When it comes to online site, you must be very careful about the information that you are providing. Posting your resume is most effective when trying to get an opportunity. and even have a blog part of their site that includes advice they have for people searching for a job.


Recruiters can be a hit or miss. I’ve met with recruiters that just want you to fill up any position and others that actually want you to be happy with the job. It is important to be honest with your recruiter, but to also make sure to meet up with several other recruiters so you are getting the most out of staffing agencies. Essentially, a recruiter gets paid for every position they fill – so it is important to recognize that when starting a relationship with a recruiter.


Networking has been known to be one of the top ways to get a job. LinkedIn even has an article that tells you the ‘Rules of Networking’. This may be a more intimidating way to get an opportunity, but has been seen as most effective and one of the quickest way to get a job. Makes sense since hiring managers are more likely to hire a candidate from someone they know instead of a complete stranger.

Finding a job is always a difficult and can be a very long process. For those who are searching for opportunities, just be persistent and continue doing as much research as possible. Please utilize our Job Board as a start!

Wish you the best!

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