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1.Excited and Hopeful

For me, being in a new place and having that option to create a new identity where no one would know your past mistakes or flaws, seems so thrilling for me. When I first started searching for a job, I felt so enthusiastic to start a new path in my life. New York is filled with so many opportunities and I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but instead I decided to just see what was out there and look at all my options. Being able to be open to so many things was eye-opening.

2. Anxious and Impatient

I am a very impatient person (I’m working on that though) and the moment I sent in my resume, I got tons of responses back. That week I was going to 3 interviews a day, meeting with recruiters and informing them about my story and what I wanted to go for. When you meet with a recruiter, you aren’t meeting to interview for a job… well, you are, but not really. What they want to see is whether or not you are competent and would be a competitive candidate. Most of the time, these recruiters don’t always have a ton of job orders that they can send you in for an interview, so you end up waiting… it could be hours..days.. even weeks. I find this part agonizing and painful. For me, I was getting antsy because I just wanted to get sent in for interviews.

3.The Sneak of Negativity

When you’re looking for a job, it can be very easy for your mindset to slip into negativity. For me, that came quick because I am very critical of myself and I tend to go into self-deprecation. Having a negative mindset won’t help you find a job; in fact, it can more likely be harmful in your job search because people may pick up on your vibes and if you are a downer, people are less likely to be around you. When you’re not confident in who you are, companies and employers can see that. From my experience, when the interviewee does not look confident in who they are and their skills, it is usually a red flag to the interviewer. Companies want people who are confident that they can do the job. I learned that it is important to surround yourself with people who believe in you. I also started reading self-help books (I’m addicted) that help me with being more confident and how staying positive can change your life.

4.Almost there!

Another dreadful part of the job process is when you do get sent to interviews with companies, BUT they take their time with selecting a candidate. After you interview with a company/employer, you’re left with another waiting period, which again can take hours…days…weeks… sometimes even months! I felt like I was close to something, but until I heard from some company that they wanted to hire me, I still was nowhere (in my opinion – it’s me being too critical).


The moment you do get an offer from a company, it is a great feeling. I felt like all my hard work paid off. You will get something and it will feel the greatest. I went through a lot of trials and hardship before getting the job that I have now and I could not be thankful for the difficulties because it made receiving an offer so fulfilling.

I found this picture on linkedin and I felt like it suited this article:

**For those still looking for a job, please don’t give up and keep pushing through. Stay positive.

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