Finding what to wear to an interview can be very stressful, but worry not! I have created your go-to outfit that you can also use and just focus on killing your interview! I hope that this article will help/inspire you with go-to professional outfits.

When I first started going on interviews, I learned that there are really just a few essentials. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of buying my professional clothes from H&M. Here are a few:


Blazers are a key essential in your wardrobe – it really tightens your look and is incredibly versatile. From what I’ve seen and experienced, black blazers are a good investment. However, you really want to make sure you invest in a really good blue blazer. Not only will you be on trend, but on really hot days – it could save you some sweat! 😉 Though I recommend H&M, you can find similar styles at other department stores or even local stores. This piece should not be so difficult to find – you may even find pieces like these at thrift stores!



I’m not exactly sure what you would wear otherwise as bottoms, but I still figured it would be better to show you the style I tend to go for. I usually end up wearing the skirt because I think it looks best on my body. However, I like having the pants because on days when it is really cold – it really helps out! It is also a good fashion item to wear when I haven’t shaved my legs, these pants are a great coverup!

3.Long sleeve button up

What really completes this look is having this long sleeve button up. To be honest, as I’m writing this article I’m realizing that this outfit that I have been showing you is what I wear to work. But to be completely honest, this is always a safe bet when looking for an outfit for an interview.


It is pretty crucial to make sure that you are presenting yourself as a professional. With that said, it is important that your outfit is sleek and this is one of the outfits that has been well-known as being sleek.Hope this has been helpful and has made your interview process much easier. Now you’ll be able to just focus on perfecting your answers rather than getting distracted by what you are wearing.

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