I really honestly hope that every single human being can meet their special person. After a few relationships, especially my last, I learned a lot that has made me want to make sure that I am always being a better partner or learning from my mistakes. I’ve found that there are a couple things that you should feel when I feel like I’ve met my special person.

1. Happy Moments Outweigh the Sad/Angry Moments

Maybe you’ve heard it before, maybe you haven’t, but it is really important that there are a lot of happy moments in the relationship. I’ve been in relationships where fighting was a daily thing and became part of the routine. I definitely thought that was usual, but as I’ve grown and now currently in a very healthy relationship, I have different thoughts about it.

Since I’ve been in a healthy relationship, I realized that fighting daily is not what I personally want and probably what most people do not want. It’s healthy to have conflict because that allows for growth in the relationship, but of course every single person has their own opinion about arguing and having those sad/angry moments. This is just one of the points that I find more important because I feel like it would just be a great relationship if it is filled with more happy moments than angry moments because who wants to be in a relationship that is always constantly angry or filled with sadness?

2. There is A LOT of Communication

Having too much communication in the relationship is never a bad thing. If you are open and honest with each other, that should be more helpful than harmful. You can always learn more about your partner and reinforce that idea that you are actually compatible. It anything, this should help you understand whether or not the person you are dating is someone you’d want to spend a lot of time with.

An important parallel aspect to this is honesty. Communication is great, but if your communication is not truthful then there really is no point. I don’t think anyone wants their partner to lie to them – I mean if you do want your partner to lie to you… then I could be wrong. However, I will say that for the most part, people expect to have a truthful relationship and maintain the trust between the two (or more). Honestly plays a large factor in the importance of having a very open communication.

3. You Are Both Willing To Work Through Anything and You Can Feel It

Above all else, I think this point is quite important for the relationship. Just like the moment Chris convinced Ann in Parks and Rec that what matters is that they both care for the baby and work hard to make their baby happy. If both people in the relationship are on the same page to love one another and to work hard to make the relationship work, than ultimately that is what matters right? Of course, this make it sound like being in a relationship is so easy and there are no other factors that play into this – but I think that if you are both working to support each other and work through the hard times, then that is all that matters.

A relationship is very hard, but it is worth it when the people involved care so much about each other that they work hard to make it work. To me, that is what makes love so great. When you see a couple care so much about each other. To witness them love each other so hard. That is what I think being in a relationship is all about.

I’m not an expert on relationships or anything, this is just my opinion on this so if you feel different – no worries. I think that the people in the relationship should be the ones that can make the agreement on what they feel and what they should do during the relationship. This is just what I think is most important in a relationship.

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